Buffalo Monogatari Trilogy


Jillian has begun shooting the second film in the Buffalo Monogatari Trilogy with director David Williams. The first film was "The Algebra of Need" which is currently at festivals.

Director David Williams on the film:

"The Geometry of Desire" does not explore relationships but rather our perspective of relationships. We all experience events differently. This is because what we experience is colored by our own flaws, our own fears, our own belief systems, and by our identities. We see not only the event filtered through these lenses but at the same time we see a reflection/projection of our own thoughts. Layer on the passage of time and what we remember is not what happened, but what we experienced, regardless of how far from the truth that experience may be.

Jillian is also reunited "Algebra of Need" cast member Alexander S. McBryde.

The film is due to hit festivals later this year. Stay tuned for more info!