REVIEWS: CAMEL by Charly Clive (dir. Michael Bradshaw Flynn)

"...The New Natives are to be commended for their commitment to exploring individuals who are trapped in "lives of quiet desperation..."

- TALKIN' BROADWAY (click for full review)


"Camel is a wonderful new play [...] 'Louie' played with complex opaqueness by the show’s producer, Jill Geurts - hovers over the entire play [...] Questions abound throughout the hugely enjoyable play. How was everyone connected to 'Louie'?..."

- THE HUFFINGTON POST (click for full review)


"...Jillian Geurts gives a haunting performance as the ghostly ex-girlfriend, seeming like an otherworldly apparition throughout the production..." 

- THEASY.COM (click for full review)

"...Jillian Geurts is a marvelous memory, and, if anything, the only crime she commits is not being on stage more often [...] The New Natives and FRIGID New York have put together something special here. The cast are strong, the writing is funny, the direction is excellent, and the final product an edible delight..." 

- POPDUST (click for full review)


REVIEWS: THE COLLECTOR by Mark Healy (dir. Lisa Milinazzo)

"...Miranda Grey, played excellently by Jillian Geurts. [...] with an exquisite physicality, but also with a shrewdness that tries to oppose Clegg’s. [...] In two hours and thirty minutes Geurts relentlessly puts Miranda through the paces - of sickness, of guile, subterfuge and seduction... " 

- THE HUFFINGTON POST (click for full review)

"Thanks to the richly realized performances [...] The Collector succeeds all too well at making us feel we are being held hostage along with Miranda."

- TALKIN' BROADWAY (click for full review)

"Jillian Geurts persuasively expresses Miranda's determination to do whatever she must to free herself. She draws on charm and passion as she keeps changing tactics, her garrulous energy never faltering until her plan ultimate plan for Frederick fails and she succumbs to humiliation, depression and a deep hatred against not only Frederick but God and life."

- CURTAIN UP (click for full review)

"...Jillian Geurts is captivating and formidable as Miranda. Ms. Geurts wonderfully achieves the requisite girlishness, innocence and terror of the role. She and de Rogatis have a great offbeat chemistry together that goes far in realizing this difficult material."

- THEATER SCENE (click for full review)

"...Geurts is outstanding as Miranda, who uses every conceivable coping mechanism to deal with her horrific situation."

- BROADWAY WORLD (click for full review)

"...Geurts embodies Miranda's emotional roller coaster completely as she struggles to gain the upper hand..."

- THEASY.COM (click for full review)

"The actress does a phenomenal job at personating Miranda Grey. Not only does she make you feel every ounce of emotion, she flawlessly conveys the character’s energetic and charismatic personality."

- REVIEW FIX (click for full review)

"Geurts, like a trapped cat, looking, looking looking, using all her guile, her wits, her sexuality...the role requires all of this, and more, and Ms Geurts is more than up to the task."