In 2016, Jillian began working as theatre producer and co-artistic director of the fledgling theatre company The New Natives. This new venture was inspired by a need to create a platform for challenging, innovative new works as well producing larger projects from established playwrights. Jillian is proud get behind work from all over the world and finds herself particularly drawn to material that is socially conscious, relevant and challenging to performer and viewer. 



“Holy Day” by Andrew Bovell

A staggering, deeply moving play of fear and mystery, “Holy Day” is set on the edge of White settlement in Australia and draws on some of the darkest moments in our national history. Written by acclaimed playwright Andrew Bovell, who attended the original New York reading of the play in 2015, it will be directed by Barbara Rubin and feature an international cast of actors.

The New Natives will continue to develop and fundraise for this project throughout 2017, with a projected Off-Broadway performance run in early 2019.


“Camel” by Charly Clive
April 13-23, 2017

"Camel" is a dark comedy about lost love, definite loss and marijuana. In a small town in suburban America, a town in Virginia, a town with no quarry, Gus Steinem is experiencing loss for the first time.  It's been a week since his long estranged high school love, Louie was found dead and even though he hasn't seen her for years, suddenly she's everywhere.  

“The First Man” by Wil Hart
September 1-4, 2016

A new play by Wil Hart and directed by Michael Flynn, “The First Man” dives into the lives of three beings at three different moments in time, as their world’s collide, shatter and get pieced back together.  The play explores the cycles of the human experience through power, love, sex, religion and the not-knowing. "The First Man" ran at Under St Mark’s in New York City in early September 2016 to sold out audiences.  

The cast with playwright Andrew Bovell at the  Holy Day  New York reading, 2015

The cast with playwright Andrew Bovell at the Holy Day New York reading, 2015